Many are choosing to continue or return to work


Choosing to continue or return to work has helped many feel that they are able to keep up with the latest changes in the workplace, helping them feel connected to the working community.


Being at a certain stage in life, many have said they like the idea of being able to choose when and what they would like to continue doing. This freedom of choice can be liberating.


With vast experience and knowledge gained from years of working, many feel they want to help guide the younger generation and assist where they can.


Many feel that they still have much to contribute to the work place, in terms of experience, expertise, industry knowledge, or business relationships.

What types of jobs can I expect?

Whether you are a highly experienced professional and wish to continue contributing or a homemaker or retiree who would like to keep busy and earn extra pocket money, we have a variety of jobs across various levels and industries (dependent on types of jobs made available to us from employers).


These types of jobs are aimed at highly experienced professionals who now wish to contribute back to the workplace either in an advisory capacity or part time or even full time basis.


These jobs are mainly focused on those who have accumulated years of working and industry experience in a particular field, and are able to help employers fill a gap in their resourcing needs.


These are jobs that are more generalist in nature, some requiring some level of experience, whilst others requiring no experience whatsoever.  These jobs can be ad-hoc in nature, part time or even full time.

Examples of Jobs made available to our candidates



  • HR Benefits Consultant
  • Payroll Consultant
  • Consultant Sales Advisor
  • Consultant Chemist
  • Financial Director
  • Environment, Health & Safety Consultant
  • CFO & COO roles
  • Plus many more..



  • Finance Managers/ Accountants
  • HR Managers / HR support roles
  • IT Manager / Tech support roles
  • Sales & Marketing Head & other roles
  • Software Testers
  • Teachers / Lecturers
  • Property Managers
  • Medical Officers, Nurses
  • Plus many more..



  • Telemarketers
  • Retail Assistants, Promoters
  • Admin / Accounts / Secretarial roles
  • Sales & Marketing Executives
  • Receptionists / Customer Service
  • Caregivers
  • Storekeepers
  • Handyman
  • Family / Company Drivers

what our candidates have said

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It is fantastic to come across Hire.Seniors and MySTEP. I encourage every mature worker to come forward and try their luck; it is never too late to give it a try and apply for a job based on your (mature workers) knowledge and experience. For my mature friends, Hire.Seniors and MySTEP is a ‘Friend in need is a friend indeed, since the pandemic, I was so lost, but at last, I found MySTEP, the journey was tough, but worth it, believe in oneself, never give up hope and desire to contribute your experience and knowledge. Just keep in mind, there is always a silver lining in the sky!

Nazneen Ariff Activities Coordinator

I found working after retirement less stressful as compared to before retirement. There is no need to compete with the younger generation for promotion or increment. In the organization that I was hired into, the working environment is very cohesive. The person teaching me was very helpful. Picking up skills and knowledge is pretty fast due to the many years of experience working.

Vikki Tan Senior Talent, Financial System Support

I left the workforce more than 16 years ago to focus on my family. Now that my children are on their own, I have so much time in hand.  I felt that whatever work experience I had was no longer relevant, until I read about Hire Seniors. I eventually wrote my resume and I got the courage to apply for a job, and guess what! I got the job! My sincere gratitude to Hire.Seniors for giving me the opportunity to work!

Julie Quah Senior Talent, Customer Service

A laid back life is fun but after a while it got rather boring hence l chose to go back to work, to keep my mind sharp and active.  There is always something new to learn everyday.

Norhayati Abd Rahman Senior Talent, Kuala Lumpur

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