Who we work with

An increasing number of businesses are hiring seniors

Seniors bring with them years of experience and institutional knowledge
Money is not their sole motivation to work – many just want to contribute
Generally equipped with broader perspective of life, they are resourceful, and able to handle crisis situations amicably
The younger team members gain from their life and professional experience and expertise, facilitating transfer of skills at the workplace

Seniors surpassed our expectations

Contrary to common perception, seniors won’t slow you down, in fact they surpassed our expectations.

Praveen Rajan

Chief Marketing Officer, Digi-X

Cost effective with experience

We hired seniors as they came with experience, needing minimal guidance and their cost comparable cost to junior employees.

Amy Koh

Agility Logistics

Highly effective skills

We found that seniors have confidence and experience in managing people at all levels and backgrounds, and have effective communication and stakeholder management skills

Fazul Ikmar Som

Managing Director, Value Tree Sdn Bhd

How we help employers

At Hire.Seniors, our aim is to help companies address resource challenges by providing them access to an untapped pool of skilled and experienced resources. We provide options for part time, full time, freelance as well as temporary placements for maternity, long absences and ad-hoc or seasonal assignments.

Our pool of experienced talent range from senior management C-suite professionals with over 30 years’ experience, to management general administrative and business support, as well as general workers.


Experience and skills to hit the ground running, higher productivity

Cost savings based on years of experience versus role requirements

Contingency workforce for high demand / seasonal periods

Established relationships for sales  / business development

Higher engagement retention, dependability, stronger work ethic

Filling resource gaps during maternity, long illness, resignations

Our services for employers


We offer highly experienced professionals and seniors as advisors or consultants with in-depth industries and functional experience.


We offer highly experienced professionals that can hit the ground running, able to fill managerial and executive roles that are difficult to fill.


We offer seniors and experienced retirees for companies that need ad-hoc, seasonal helpers, drivers or general workers.


We save employers precious time by screening, shortlisting and assisting with interview arrangements.


We help source for experienced talent from our database based on each company needs and connect them to experienced and skilled resources.


Many of our candidates are available immediately and are open to flexible or ad-hoc durations.


Today’s seniors are healthier, more active and enjoy longer life expectancy
Technological advances and easy access to information have enabled flexible work arrangements including option to work from home
Desire to contribute by continuing what they enjoy, or simply to explore new opportunities
Just to stay active and enjoy interacting with others

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Do you want to stay abreast with developments and keep your skills sharp?
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About Hire.Seniors

Hire.Seniors was founded by a team of professionals with senior executive backgrounds in human capital management, recruiting, performance management and business consulting. We are a social enterprise focused on connecting mature & experienced professionals, senior citizens and retirees to suitable employment with companies in need of talent and experience. We reach out directly to our pool of candidates with jobs that have been specially curated for them, engaging with employers who are open to employing mature and experienced professionals, seniors and retirees.


Malaysia is poised to become an aged nation soon with seniors aged 50-65 & above projected to double from 7m in 2020 to 14m by 2040. What this translates to is an increasingly large seniors workforce for employers to tap on. With over 49% of employers finding talent shortage their biggest hiring challenge, and over 600,000 job vacancies left unfilled in 2019 in Malaysia, employers are starting to realise the value of leveraging the untapped talent pool in seniors today. At Hire.Seniors, we realise this and are at hand to assist employers find the right match to their talent needs.